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Gallinghouse Marketing + Creative Announces New Hire

Gallinghouse Marketing + Creative announced today it has hired Chris Herting as digital and social media specialist. Chris joins the Gallinghouse team after spending four years as Director of Digital Marketing and Social Media at New Orleans-based agency...
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Social Media/Digital Marketing Administrator

We’re looking for a digital/social media specialist with a sense of humor and the ability to juggle. If you’re a highly-motivated self-starter, team player and good communicator, let’s talk. Job requires 2+ years of related experience;...
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Connectivity of U.S. Physicians

Wondering how to reach the elusive physician segment of the medical market? Using data gathered by Medical Marketing & Media, we’ve compiled an infographic that details ways in which they consume information.
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White before Easter? Not around here…

If you’ve grown up in the south, chances are you grew up hearing that you never wear white before Easter. True GRITS (Girls Raised In The South) hold fast to that tradition. Ever wonder where the rule came from? While there’s no definitive explanation...
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5 Things You Need to Know about Twitter

The social media platform with the fewest characters, Twitter may just require the largest time commitment from marketers. Yet with 271 million monthly users, the time can be well spent. In order to get the highest return on your investment—both in...
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5 Reasons to Keep Magazines in Your Marketing Mix

Often magazine advertising is the first medium a client wants to sacrifice when faced with cutting a marketing budget. Before the red pen comes out, however, I caution against this type of knee jerk reaction—especially for companies who want to reach influencers...
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King Cake Craze Hitting Pumpkin Spice Proportions

Most of us are New Orleans natives. Through the years we’ve watched our king cakes evolve from a basic cinnamon coffee cake topped with tri-colored icing to more complex combinations of cream cheese and fruit fillings. Last year, local restaurateur...
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Divide & Conquer: The Case for Email Segmentation

Having done most of my Christmas shopping online, I’ve become quite popular among retailers. I can almost see it, my name and email address on a virtual bathroom wall with the message, “For a good time…” From requests to rate the products...
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Word of the Month: Programmatics

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of software to buy/sell online media. It’s a system that uses real-time data collected based on user behavior and automatically place online ads to effectively reach your target.  
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Top Recipe from our Holiday Party

The competition may not have been as fierce as Top Chef—but the results are just as tasty. Challenged to bring our favorite dish to the annual Christmas party last week, we all voted for the best of the bunch. Both Laura and Sara received honorable...