Digital Marketing in 2018: It’s All About You

Digital Marketing in 2018: It’s All About You

Sure, we can sit here and forecast ‘What’s Next?’ in digital marketing. But, every other marketer out there will be feeding you the same information until you’re blue in the face. No, thank you!

We’ll politely decline the invitation (and pressures) from our industry to deliver information that quite honestly has become status quo year after year. Fact of the matter is most “trends” remain the same. Content marketing, online advertising – specifically, search (Google) and Facebook, real-time relevance, social media, mobile, and email marketing should all remain your top priorities in 2018. Quantity over quality is something we practice, and we preach.

We’re certainly not going to bombard you with New Year’s Resolutions, either. Sorry to disappoint! Chances are you likely just don’t care, and you already know what you needto do to improve the quality of your marketing. It’s up to you to take the plunge.

That’s why we’re here to tell you to buck the trends! Ignore the noise and focus on you. This means find your niche and define a strategy that sticks to your strengths. There’s no need to rewrite the book in 2018. Have faith in knowing that your customers will continue to value authenticity and place an emphasis on social responsibility. The powerful art of storytelling will always remain tried and true.

The one thing we can promise you in 2018 is that technology will continue to evolve at an unpredictable, incomprehensible rate of speed. Our best advice is to stay true to you, read about emerging trends, network with industry experts and, most importantly, avoid the dreaded FOMO (fear of missing out)!

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