MERGENCE: Building a Customer Ecosystem

With today’s technology and ever-more savvy consumers, customers are looking for more than products and services; they are looking for authenticity from and relationships with providers of their products and services. Every phase of the consumer experience provides an opportunity to forge a connection. A customer ecosystem is a holistic approach to communications that integrates all the ways you touch a consumer. At Gallinghouse, we call it Mergence.


BRAND: All marketing starts with the brand—the promise you make to consumers and prospects. We use both verbal and visual tools to define who you are, what guests can expect from you.

INWARD BRAND ACCEPTANCE: Everyone needs to buy into the brand. It is essential that there is no disconnect between the brand promise and the brand delivery.

MARKETING ACTIVATION: Once the brand is defined, we want to activate it through the many ways we can touch consumers and referral sources.

360° TOUCH POINT EFFICIENCY: This provides an opportunity to further cement the relationship you are building with your customers and prospects. It is a way for them to experience your brand on a deeper level.

Our goal is to continue engaging customers after the initial sale is made through “sticky” technology such as augmented reality apps and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems.

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