The mother of all buttons. Refresh. The click that changes everything. Refresh. That crazy-deep, almost primal satisfaction of seeing something brand-new. Refresh.

Oh c’mon. We all do it.

(And if you don’t, you really should.)

Refresh is an update on something you already love. It’s something you’re expecting and welcoming. Refresh, it ends up, is exactly what the doctor ordered for Gallinghouse & Associates—a New Orleans staple since 1986.

For almost thirty years, we’ve provided strategic marketing consultation and brand development, execution and activation for clients in the restaurant and hospitality, health care, retail and business-to-business industries. And we’ve never, ever, not once, for even a nanosecond strayed from our core philosophy of strategy first.

The result has been deep, lasting relationships with our clients and our community. And it’s no surprise. No matter the marketing trend du jour, an unwavering commitment to art + strategy and the leveraging of a variety of communication disciplines (under one roof!) has earned us, and the clients we support, great success.

But then…refresh (and the digital age that comes with it) happened. And, trust us, we are not complaining. Over the last three decades, the tools at our disposal have evolved to a beautiful point—so much so, the time finally arrived for us to refresh our Gallinghouse & Associates name and brand to better reflect how we service our clients today.

And so it is without further ado, we are utterly ecstatic to introduce the Gallinghouse we all love, in a shiny, new package.



How very refreshing.

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