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  • King-of-Herrings-logo

    Locally produced indie film, King of Herrings wanted a website and social media activities to raise awareness of the project in advance of showings at some of the country’s popular film festivals.

    The website mirrors the movie in its black and white, grainy film style and contains interactive components such as the movie’s trailer, video clips, and still photography. Social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vine, Instagram and Pinterest were co-branded with same visual treatment. In addition to design of these sites, Gallinghouse has handled the posting of multi-media content, including the selection of the film into the New Orleans Film Festival.


  • SouthernHotel-logo

    Restoring a century-old hotel is an ambitious and arduous task.

    While developers of the Southern Hotel in Covington, LA set about bringing their vision for the property to life, we set about communicating that vision to the general public. The first step was to design a logo that combined the property’s original history and architecture into a crisp, modern look. With a Mission-style arch as the focal point, the logo is an illustration of the building’s exterior against a solid backdrop. Two specialized fonts have been integrated into the design, juxtaposing both classical and contemporary elements. Because the Southern Hotel renovation is incomplete, we designed and produced an interim website for the property to keep interested parties abreast of the hotel’s progress. The site contains images that evoke the type of personal, first-class service the property will provide.


  • childmues-logo

    The Children’s Museum of St. Tammany wants residents to Imagine the Reality, both in the development phase as well as in the experiential one.

    Its challenge was to bring the planning and funding components of the project into reality in cyberspace. Using the logo we created as a pro bono project more than five years ago, we designed a website that would serve as a platform for information and fundraising efforts. Its whimsical design and primary color palette are a nod to the learning environment the museum will provide while its functionality allows for ease of use among donors and volunteers.


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