Southern Hotel

Because the Southern Hotel renovation is incomplete, we designed and produced an interim website for the property to keep interested parties abreast of the hotel’s progress. The site contains images that evoke the type of personal, first-class service the property will provide. Actual photos in various stages of redevelopment have been shot and treated with an artistic style to reflect the true potential and scope of the entire project. Interactive components and social media applications are integrated to encourage feedback and enable us to update progress as necessary.



Project Details:

Southern Hotel


Digital , Identity , Social

Restoring a century-old hotel is an ambitious and arduous task. While developers of the Southern Hotel in Covington set about bringing their vision for the property to life, we set about communicating that vision to the general public. The first step was to design a logo that combined the property’s original history and architecture into a crisp, modern look. With a Mission-style arch as the focal point, the logo is an illustration of the building’s exterior against a solid backdrop.